John Németh
the Future of Blues

John Németh Discography

Németh released his first album in 2002, a self-published album called The Jack of Harps with a backup band called The Jacks. A debut solo project followed in 2004, called Come and Get It, which he also self-published. In 2006, and with a new recording contract with Blind Pig Records, he released Magic Touch, which earned him a nomination for “Best new Artist” at the Blues Music Awards. Three years later, Love Me Tonight, hit #6 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums Chart. One year later, in 2010, he had another album reach that same Billboard spot: Name the Day!

Two live albums — Blues Live and Soul Live — both followed in 2012, and in 2013 respectively. Without haste, he released Memphis Grease in 2014, an album that earned him the award for “Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year” at the Blues Music Awards.

Feelin’ Freaky is Németh’s ninth album, released in May 2017. The album showcases a fun, yet sometimes serious, side of Németh, allowing him to channel his R&B, hip-hop and rock n’ roll influences.

2017 was a busy year for John Németh, who released not just Feelin’ Freaky, but also a second project called The Love Light Orchestra. What started as a conversation with fellow blues artists about their love for post-war blues turned into a full-blown album organized by producer Matt Ross-Spang. The Love Light Orchestra is a retro blues band made up of 10 of the best blues artists in Memphis, with Németh on vocals. In an interview with Living Blues Magazine, Németh stated that they’d like to make another record and possibly tour as well.

Including the collaboration with The Love Light Orchestra, Németh has 10 albums under his belt.